The Niners trade QB Trey Lance to the Cowboys for a selection in the fourth round

The Niners trade QB Trey Lance to the Cowboys for a selection in the fourth round
The Niners trade QB Trey Lance to the Cowboys for a selection in the fourth round

The Dallas Cowboys will receive quarterback Trey Lance in exchange from the San Francisco 49ers, according to NFL Network source Ian Rapoport on Friday.

On Friday, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport shared some news: the Dallas Cowboys have added quarterback Trey Lance to their team, getting him from the San Francisco 49ers.

Lance will be the third quarterback on the 49ers’ roster, the organization said earlier this week. The 49ers made a significant move during the 2021 NFL Draught by dealing three first-round selections to move up to the third overall pick in Miami. On the depth chart, he will be behind the backup quarterback Sam Darnold and the starter quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

During the broadcast of the San Francisco preseason game on Friday night, 49ers General Manager John Lynch said, ” Really hard day, such a wonderful young man” “We took a swing, and we didn’t get it done. That is our responsibility. We acknowledge accountability. But, like you, I believe his tale is still very much unwritten. “I’m excited for Trey.”

Dallas surged ahead, and truly, it wanted him, and they caught up to him. And I believe it is proving to be a great landing spot for him.

 I can tell everyone that this wasn’t due to any lack of effort from either Trey’s side or ours. Circumstances changed, and he had to battle injuries, and the team is ready to win. We love our quarterback room. We love Brock Purdy, we love Sam Darnold, and we love Brandon Allen. So, we wish Trey all the best in Dallas. We will always care for that young man, appreciate his work ethic and appreciate the person he is becoming.

After the announcement, head coach Kyle Shanahan mentioned that he still believes the young cub could find success “with us in the future or with someone else.” On Friday, Shanahan said that Lance wanted the opportunity to be somewhere else at number 2, and the interest from other teams exceeded their expectations.

Coach Shanahan told reporters after Friday’s game, “He told us that he would want another chance somewhere else where he could be number 2.” “We thought we got good deals for him; several teams were involved. Ultimately, getting the fourth spot was slightly better than we expected, and it brought in a lot of compensation and a better situation for him.”

According to NFL research, after playing just eight games in two years for the 49ers, Lance will have competed in the fewest games for a team he started with since the year 1967 marked the introduction of the common draft. Now, Lance will have a new beginning in Dallas.

The Niners trade QB Trey Lance to the Cowboys for a selection in the fourth round
The Niners trade QB Trey Lance to the Cowboys for a selection in the fourth round

The value Dallas will receive in exchange for sending the player they hoped would be the franchise’s future will only be a fraction.

Opportunities for Lance were limited with the 49ers, partly due to injuries. In his debut campaign, his finger broke and his knee was sprained, and then in the 2022 season, his collarbone broke in just two games, sidelining him for the year, continuing a series of events that opened the door for current starter Purdy.

Overall, Lance, originally set to play against the Los Angeles Chargers in the 49ers’ preseason final, finishes his tenure in the Bay Area as a starter at 2-2 with 797 passing yards, five touchdowns, and three interceptions.

With a new strong destination ahead, the question now is how Lance will fit into the Cowboys’ current depth chart. Dak Prescott is still leading the way in Dallas, and right behind him, we’ve got Cooper Rush and Will Grier as backup options. According to Rapoport, with more development potential, there is hope Lance could become the team’s third-string signal-caller. At just 23 years old, Lance has a fresh opportunity with a new team that’s looking to build something special at a bargain, just as was forecasted about him in the beginning. Rapoport mentioned that he’s set to receive a sure payment of $6.25 million for the next two seasons. And if circumstances call for it, the Cowboys can still consider the fifth-year option.


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