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Is Kayvon Thibodeaux Unhappy with His Role in the Giants’ Defense?

To improve their pass rush, the New York Giants picked Oregon edge rusher Kayvon Thibodeaux as the fifth overall choice of the 2022 NFL Draught.

The verdict on whether that selection was the best one thus far is still out.

The Giants have only hit the quarterback seven times in their first two games this season, with four of those hits coming from nose tackle Dexter Lawrence. Thibodeaux possesses one.

What is going on with the pass rush by the Giants? Why, exactly, is Thibodeaux not returning home? It relates to a scheme in part. The second-year pro’s strength could be being undermined by defensive coordinator Wink Martindale.

Thibodeaux was observed sitting on the opposite end of the bench from his teammates during the Giants’ epic comeback during their 31-28 victory over the Cardinals on Sunday. Additionally, he appeared uninterested during a compelling sideline statement by sitting down before his teammates even broke the huddle.

Thibodeaux maintains that he was only praying and doing meditation.

“God is the only one I look to, right? I’m thus sitting there, praying, and, I suppose you could say, contemplating, as well as picturing what our team will do when we get out there. According to me, it seems like too many individuals get up wanting to spread negativity, Thibodeaux told reporters on Tuesday. “I think it’s more of a meditation and visualization thing that, hopefully, I never have to answer something like that in the future,” the speaker said.

Not everyone is completely sold by Thibodeaux’s justification.

Before Kayvon’s remarks this week, former Giants great Tiki Barber discussed Thibodeaux on his radio show on WFAN.

Tiki said, “He’s not being utilized like he wants to be used. “Retract your ears and find the quarterback. That isn’t what Wink’s defense is requesting of you.

“Kayvon has to understand that not a single guy will eat. A player who desires to record 15 to 20 sacks every season may not find this to be the best system. It is incompatible with who he wants to be.

Thibodeaux may fall prey to the ruse, but he’s also not in control of the things that are within his power. When attempting to bullrush blockers, he has occasionally been eaten up. Other times, he can be a little sluggish getting to the quarterback, and it’s been noted that he sometimes struggles to get rid of blocks.

In addition, he has a history of overplaying the run because of his aggressive pass rush.

In addition, Thibodeaux had trouble escaping blocks when playing the Cardinals. Zach Ertz, the tight end, repeatedly obstructed him.

Despite everything, Thibodeaux maintains he is a team player and only carries out instructions. Any “narratives” that are being made about him, he denies.

“There are many people who are interested in the game, want to coach and want to develop stories. However, as long as I follow the game plan and my coaches and team are satisfied with what I can do, whether it be drop back, whether it behold the edge, whatever it may be – I’m just glad to contribute,” he remarked.

Whether Thibodeaux is annoyed or not, he needs to start making a big difference overall.



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