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Michigan Stadium Introduces New Lights, Turns Them Off for an ‘Insane’ Experience

For the football game versus Bowling Green on Saturday night, Michigan Stadium featured new lighting. The moment they went off may have been the most exciting.

Before the season, the cutting-edge LED lighting system—which replaced the HID installed in 2010—was installed. On sunny days, Michigan’s first two games began at noon and 3:30 p.m. ET, respectively. The first opportunity for the lights to shine was Saturday’s game, which began at 7:40 p.m.

The mood appeared to be enjoyed by the players, coaches, and spectators.

After Michigan’s 31-6 victory, Allison Podnar, who was situated in section 37, remarked that it “added to the fan experience positively.” It was obvious that the players were having fun as well.

At various times, including after Michigan scored and during specific timeouts, lights that flashed white, maize, and blue along each sideline of the stadium were visible. Despite being brighter than the old lighting, the new lights occasionally cause the Big House to become darker than usual.

Kris Jenkins, a defensive lineman for Michigan, described the light displays as “absolutely insane.” “They pumped us up. It gave me the chills every time they turned the lights out. Every time they went off, you could hear the audience yelling.

Between the third and fourth quarters, the field was mostly black, and ‘Mr. Brightside’, a tradition at Michigan Stadium, played over the speakers. This caused a unique light show.

A fan named Arthur Villegas believed the lighting was generally impressive but that the synchronization with the music might have been better.

Scot Loeffler, the head coach at Bowling Green, made the quip, “They probably scheduled us for the night game to test their lights, I would assume.”

In a preseason press release, Michigan Athletics stated that the installation of new lights was done to increase visibility for those in the stadium and watching on television. A “stage-like” ambiance was produced by the “whiter and cleaner” LED lighting, and “allowed colors to pop throughout the venue.”

The option exists for operators “to use special effects lighting in conjunction with video board content, key game moments, and special performances.” Additionally, it is anticipated that the lights will use 31% less energy than the previous setup.

Bowling Green linebacker Darren Anders stated, “Oh, yes, we spotted it. “As we arrived, we noticed that they had new lighting. We were happy. It’s incredible to play in front of 110,000 people. It’s quite difficult to express experiencing such enthusiasm when on that pitch.

Both the regular-season finale at home against Ohio State and Michigan’s game at Rutgers on Saturday will begin at noon. The two remaining home games for Michigan, against Indiana on October 14 and Purdue on November 4, do not currently have scheduled kickoff times. The game on November 4 may well take place at night, according to a source.



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