Surprising Truth: Does Ice Cream Help Sore Throats?

Ice cream is quite popular. They adore the range of flavors, toppings, and flavors, as well as the texture and flavor.  

So, can eating ice cream occasionally be beneficial to your health?  

Consider how ice cream is frequently recommended as a sore throat treatment after having one's tonsils removed. So, does ice cream relieve a sore throat? 

We questioned Kat Benson, a registered dietitian with Top Nutrition Coaching, for assistance in digging to the bottom of the ice cream dish.  

She suggests that you consider drinking warm beverages to ease a sore throat. Don't discount ice cream, though.

To relieve a sore throat, she notes that some individuals find relief by switching between a warm drink, like tea, and something cold, like ice cream.  

Just make sure to include additional nutrient-dense foods if you can to aid with healing.

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