Shocking: World-Famous Bodybuilder's Tragic Passing at 34

British bodybuilder Neil Currey, who was well-known for competing and mentoring other fitness enthusiasts, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 34.

On September 12, Milo Sarcev, Currey's former coach, posted the heartbreaking information on Instagram.  

Sarcev commented, "Absolutely shocking, heartbreaking news - that my former athlete Neil Currey passed away today," along with several images of his former client.  

The business Hostile, with whom Currey had previously worked, expressed their sorrow at the bodybuilder's demise and said, "We are profoundly grieved by the news of Neil Currey's passing.  

His cause of death and the circumstances surrounding it are still unknown. 

The bodybuilding world joined together to grieve Currey's passing, and many people left comments on social media with their remembrances and feelings.

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