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ChatGPT Now Responds with Astonishingly Human-Like Voice

ChatGPT Now Responds with Astonishingly Human-Like Voice
ChatGPT Now Responds with Astonishingly Human-Like Voice | image credit to Google

The ability to converse with you is a new feature that OpenAI is adding to ChatGPT to make the AI tool seem even more human.

The AI business revealed on Monday that paying ChatGPT customers would be able to start speaking to the well-known chatbot over the next two weeks to “engage in a back-and-forth conversation.”

You will soon start having talks using ChatGPT.

A new function being introduced by OpenAI will give the chatbot a voice so it can react to your questions using audio.

Users have a choice between five voices.

Users may select from five distinct voices, entitled Juniper, Sky, Cove, Ember, and Breeze, that were created through collaboration with professional voice actors, the business claimed. The functionality is made possible by a new text-to-speech algorithm.

The voices were described as frighteningly lifelike by Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal in her assessment of the new function. In comparison to the somewhat stiff replies provided by smartphone assistants, the voices in demonstrations sound responsive and natural.

While the new voice technology gives a new creative tool by producing “synthetic voices from just a few seconds of real speech,” OpenAI cautioned that it also has concerns, including “the possibility for fraudulent or malevolent individuals to pose as well-known people.”

This is the reason why OpenAI is employing this technology to power the voice chat use case, according to a blog post. Using voice actors with whom we have had direct touch, voice chat was built. In a similar manner, other people and we are working together.

With the addition of OpenAI’s new voice capability to ChatGPT, which was initially released in November of last year, competitors like Apple and Amazon will now face direct rivalry from their own Siri and Alexa assistants.

Companies are attempting to turn generative AI technology into practical solutions that serve as users’ assistants, which has led to the push to make chatbots more human-like.

A competitor of OpenAI, Inflection AI, refers to its voice-enabled chatbot Pi as a “personal AI, designed to be supportive, smart, and there for you anytime.”

Additionally, ChatGPT will have a new function that enables it to “see,” enabling users to exhibit ChatGPT photographs to illustrate what they are talking about. According to OpenAI, this would entail, for instance, displaying to ChatGPT a picture of the items inside a refrigerator to assist with meal planning.

“You may utilize ChatGPT in more ways in your life using voice and image,” says OpenAI. “While traveling, take a picture of a landmark and engage in a live discussion about what’s interesting about it.”



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