Columbus State to lead new $7.5 million national center for IT jobs training

College said on Wednesday, In collaboration with companies, community colleges around the nation, and other stakeholders 

With partners from Collin College in McKinney, Texas; Lone Star College in Houston; Maricopa Community Colleges in Phoenix; and Sinclair College in Dayton, the NITIC is led by Columbus State.

Columbus State announced an enormous $120 million agreement with OhioHealth earlier this summer to increase the number of healthcare jobs in the area, and the Biden administration recognized the community college as a hub for the labor force.

Gloria Rogiers, dean of computer systems technology at Columbus State, declared, "This is a big moment." "Based on our track record of accomplishment, NSF is banking on us to deliver 

We're happy to lead the way with the National Information Technology Innovation Centre (NITIC), which will play a crucial role in America's tech industry," said Columbus State President David Harrison. 

According to McWherter, "really everything we're developing in the United States, anything that connects to the internet, all of it touches the IT space."

According to McWherter, this center will make the most of each school's expertise and achievements to develop a program that fills a need.


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