Bad Bunny and Gael Garcia Bernal Sensational Kiss in Movie

"The artist of 'Effecto' and the star of 'Coco' share a passionate kiss in a new scene from Amazon's latest film 'Cassandro,' which debuted on September 15."

"The heat is rising! Bad Bunny, 29, and 'Coco' star Gael García Bernal, 44, shared an emotional kiss for their new film 'Cassandro,' which premiered on September 15th.  

In a clip released by Amazon Studios on the film's debut day, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny (born Benito Martinez Ocasio) and Gael's character, a 29-year-old, shared an intimate moment in a secluded room when the 44-year-old leaned in for a kiss." 

Bad Bunny and Gael García Bernal's characters share a romantic connection in this movie. After the kissing clip went viral on social media, their fans started commenting on the PDA.

Bad Bunny and the Mexican native's sizzling on-screen chemistry coincides with the musician's relationship with Kendall Jenner, 27.  

The model and Bad Bunny were initially linked in February 2023, when the 'it couple' was seen enjoying dinner together.  

The hot on-camera exchange between Bad Bunny and the native of Mexico happens during the musician's relationship with Kendall Jenner, 27.   

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