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Messly and JournalSpotting present The Journal Club App! 

In just a few minutes per week, you'll feel like you have your finger on the pulse of the latest pulications, you’ll be armed with clinical pearls, and you’ll gain confidence in translating them into clinical practice.
Oh, and why not impress on your next ward round too.

Built by Messly and utilising the expertise of the JournalSpotting team, the Journal Club is a mobile app which gives you a curated 'feed' of the very best in recent medical literature.

Open it up and you'll see a list of great articles, each neatly summarised by the JournalSpotting team with their verdict on the results.

What’s the 🎙️emoji?
This article has been discussed on the podcast, so click the ‘Listen to Podcast’ button to get your ears in the right place!

And the 🔥 ?
This article is HOT! It may be practice changing or just fascinating. Either way you need to see it.

Want to check the article out for yourself? Click the links to read it in full. You can even filter by specialty and save your favourites for later.

Who are Messly?

Messly support doctors to have more fulfilling careers. Their locum finding service makes the best locum agencies compete to find your perfect locum jobs. You get offered real shifts, matched exactly to your needs, before you’ve shared your contact details. They’ve helped over 12,000 doctors find their perfect locums. Head to to find out more.

What criteria are used to select articles?

JournalSpotting choose and summarise the most interesting, practice-changing, and sometimes just amusing articles that we come across. The majority are related to general medicine based on our backgrounds, but we cover a wide variety.

Will I have to pay, or sign up to register?

No, the app is completely free and always will be.

Do I have to download an app?‍

No, the Journal Club is designed to go on your mobile through the browser like a normal website. You can also access from your computer or tablet. However, if you add the webpage to your smartphone home screen it will work just like a downloaded app. Easy.

How often will new articles be added?

The feed will be refreshed with new articles each week.

What specialties will be covered?

Whilst the majority is related to general medicine and medical specialties, we also cover key articles from Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care, General Practice, Lifestyle Medicine, Climate Change, Mental Health and more.

Is time spent on the Journal Club app valid for CPD?

Yes. From the JRCPTB ( website, “all informal and formal learning” in  doctors that are maintaining and developing the quality of their professional work count as CPD.