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Wondering how we have reached 2023, you still are the only one in the hospital who can do an LP overnight, half your patients have dementia with no cure, and people are still researching vitamin C?

Your ears are in the right place

Dr Barney Hirons flies solo and covers:

The best dementia trials from the last few months:

Blood pressure reduction reduces risk.

Ultra-processed food worsens cognition.

Correcting hearing loss corrects the risk.

Ketones for Alzheimer’s. Really?

Lecanemab in Alzheimer's - the blockbuster and why it IS important.


Vitamin C in pregnant smokers. Save the baby's lungs!

LP after -ve CT in SAH. No need?

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Love a Christmas tune? Ever wondered if the lyrics are detrimental or beneficial to health?
Your ears are in the right place!

LJ and Barney, with help from Jon, performed a thematic analysis of the top 41 Christmas song lyrics from 2021, then completed a semi-systematic review analysing their risks and benefits to health! Blimey, that was a lot of work...

The conclusion? A list of recommendations on which songs to listen to, and which to avoid based on their underlying health messages.

We cover the risks and benefits of:
Alcohol and sugar binging,
Cold exposure,
Indoor fires,
Giving vs consumerism,
Singing & dancing,
Inequality & war,

& MORE...!

All references are on this shared  Google Doc.

Merry Christmas Journal Junkies!!

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Barney, LJ, and Jon are back with all the most interesting and practice-changing articles published in the last month:

💉Should I exercise before my next COVID Jab?

🫁Does magnesium work in COPD exacerbations and should we give fewer antibiotics

📽Is a colonoscopy a good way to screen for cancer?

🧂Is salt restriction in HFPEF worth the hassle?

🫀Does skin colour make a difference to survival in cardiac arrest?

Wondering what to do with the post-op patient in front of you with new AF, who drinks buckets of tea, takes multivitamins for dinner, and is just getting over pneumonia?

Articles we digest for your spongey brains:

Diet etc:
☕️Tea reduces mortality! MortaliTEA!
Flavanoids in CVD / cerebrovascular disease
Link with Ca and hot tea
Time-restricted eating vs not
Fasting in cancer
💊Bin the vitamins: paper and editorial

'Secondary' AF:
AF post pneumonia risk
AF peri-surgery risk


#55 Journal Round Up

Confused over which drink to offer your patients? Orange juice or Coffee? Is the sugar bad for them, or is caffeine worse? Which has more fibre? Don’t those septic people need vitamin C?

Your ears are in the right place.

Dr Camille and Barnaby Hirons cover the latest and greatest in the medical literature including:

4-hour ED targets - useless government orders or life savers?
Choosing wisely - the most low-value care which we need to scrap
Thunderstorm Asthma - it exists! And it may pose a real issue for patients
Yoga for Migraines - can it help?
Magic mushroom safety and the Latest on Psychedelic medications
Vit C in sepsis. Forget it.
Coffee reduces mortality, but what if you add sugar?
Pulse oximetry in patients of colour - still a problem:
first and second study

Pickle juice in leg cramps... surely not?!