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Important sources for the show:
  • BMA fair medical trade
  • Time for a global response to labour rights violations in the manufacture of health-care goods, WHO bulletin by Mr. Mahmood Bhutta
  • Clean Gloves, Dirty Practices: Debt Bondage in Malaysia's Rubber Glove Industry- The Diplomat article
  • Guardian article on slave-like conditions of glove industry

Show Notes
  • Background to the link between PPE & modern slavery (1:50)
  • The secret to Mood's fascinating and diverse career (04:08)
  • What is meant by modern slavery (08:04)
  • Mood's personal story on how he became interested in ethical procurement (09:05)
  • How involved is the NHS & the complexity of supply chains (10:50)
  • Working conditions in which medical supplies are made (14:24)
  • The glove industry (17:00)
  • How do we get reliable data? (20:08)
  • The effect of COVID-19 (22:35)
  • How is the NHS responding (26:15)
  • What can clinicians do? (28:05)
  • Plugs (36:20)
  • Take-home points (37:27)