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#58 Journal Round Up

Wondering what to do with the post-op patient in front of you with new AF, who drinks buckets of tea, takes multivitamins for dinner, and is just getting over pneumonia?

Your ears are in the right place.

Jon and Barney tackle 2 topics of recent research: latest evidence in diet and 'secondary' AF.

Articles we digest for your spongey brains:

Diet etc:
☕️Tea reduces mortality! MortaliTEA!
Flavanoids in CVD / cerebrovascular disease
Link with Ca and hot tea
Time-restricted eating vs not
Fasting in cancer
💊Bin the vitamins: paper and editorial

'Secondary' AF:
AF post pneumonia risk
AF peri-surgery risk

With your hosts Dr Barnaby Hirons and Dr Jonathan Hudson

#57 ClimateZone8// Medical Students fighting Climate Change

Want to get active fighting Climate Change, but need some inspiration on things to do, people to talk to and a large dose of Climate Joy?

Your ears are in the right place.

We talk to the incredible medical students:

They are fighting Climate Change. This wide-ranging discussion covers COP26, activism, medical education, Climate anxiety, Climate Joy, the pressure on the younger generation, and how YOU can get involved.

LJ and Barney also discuss tips on talking to work colleagues and the next climate challenge!

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With hosts Dr LJ Smith & Dr Barnaby Hirons 

#56 JournalChat// Prof Allan Young on The Age of Psychedelic Medications

Were your school teachers right? Are psychedelics really dangerous tree hugging hippy drugs? Or are they safe medications that might play a crucial role in modern medicine?

Your ears are in the right place.

Fascinating discussion with psychedlic medicine expert Prof Allan Young on:

The history of Psychedlics.
How they work.
The evidence behind them.
The risks & the benefits.
What is currently being investgated.
What the future holds.

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Featuring hosts Dr Barnaby Hirons & Dr Camille Hirons, with special gues Prof Allan Young

#55 Journal Round Up// 🍄Magic mushrooms and psychedelic meds, ⏰4-hr targets, ☕Sweet Coffee for life, 💰Scrap Low Value Care, 🧘Yoga for Migraines, 🧃forget Vit C, 💯Pulse oximeters & colour, 🥒Pickle Juice cures cramps?! And more.

Confused over which drink to offer your patients? Orange juice or Coffee? Is the sugar bad for them, or is caffeine worse? Which has more fibre? Don’t those septic people need vitamin C?

Your ears are in the right place.

Dr Camille and Barnaby Hirons cover the latest and greatest in the medical literature including:

4-hour ED targets - useless government orders or life savers?
Choosing wisely - the most low-value care which we need to scrap
Thunderstorm Asthma - it exists! And it may pose a real issue for patients
Yoga for Migraines - can it help?
Magic mushroom safety and the Latest on Psychedelic medications
Vit C in sepsis. Forget it.
Coffee reduces mortality, but what if you add sugar?
Pulse oximetry in patients of colour - still a problem:
first and second study

Pickle juice in leg cramps... surely not?!

Check up our follow-up interview with psychedelic expert  Prof Allan Young
... coming soon!

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Featuring hosts Dr Barnaby Hirons & Dr Camille Hirons

#54 ClimateZone7// Climate Crisis and Paediatrics with Dr. Rosie Spooner

Feel even more anvious about the climate crisis after the termostat hit 40 degrees? Your ears are in the right place.

LJ interviews the inspiring Dr. Rosie Spooner

We cover:
How the climate crisis will affect children and their health
How to talk about the climate crisis with children
How to find hope while facing the climate crisis.

The CliamteZone team then discuss their latest challenge: try and cut out fast fashion!

Excellent links for you to browse, amuse and amaze:

The good on you website

With hosts Dr Katia Florman, Dr LJ Smith, Dr Jonathan Hudson & Dr Barnaby Hirons