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#57 ClimateZone8// Medical Students fighting Climate Change

Want to get active fighting Climate Change, but need some inspiration on things to do, people to talk to and a large dose of Climate Joy?

Your ears are in the right place.

We talk to the incredible medical students:

They are fighting Climate Change. This wide-ranging discussion covers COP26, activism, medical education, Climate anxiety, Climate Joy, the pressure on the younger generation, and how YOU can get involved.

LJ and Barney also discuss tips on talking to work colleagues and the next climate challenge!

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With hosts Dr LJ Smith & Dr Barnaby Hirons 

#54 ClimateZone7// Climate Crisis and Paediatrics with Dr. Rosie Spooner

Feel even more anvious about the climate crisis after the termostat hit 40 degrees? Your ears are in the right place.

LJ interviews the inspiring Dr. Rosie Spooner

We cover:
How the climate crisis will affect children and their health
How to talk about the climate crisis with children
How to find hope while facing the climate crisis.

The CliamteZone team then discuss their latest challenge: try and cut out fast fashion!

Excellent links for you to browse, amuse and amaze:

The good on you website

With hosts Dr Katia Florman, Dr LJ Smith, Dr Jonathan Hudson & Dr Barnaby Hirons 

#49 ClimateZone6//
Dr Alex Wilkinson:
Sustainable inhalers - what YOU can do

Want to do more to combat climate change but current events and your state of Weltshmerz is holding you back?  Do you need some positive practice-changing, actionable advice?
Your ears are in the right place!

LJ and Katia interview the brilliant Dr Alex Wilkinson.

We cover:
The huge carbon cost of inhalers.
The key stats and evidence.
Why change is needed and how to make it.
Barriers to change and how to overcome them.

With Barney & Jon we discuss our latest climate challenge- contacting MPs about a Climate Issue- hear how we got on and get advice on how to proceed.

Excellent links for you to browse, amuse and amaze:
Alex's articles:

Other great links:

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With hosts Dr Katia Florman, Dr LJ Smith, Dr Jonathan Hudson & Dr Barnaby Hirons with amazing guest Dr Alex Wilkinson

#47 Heat, Pollution, & the Heart //ClimateZone5

Listen to interview with world experts on the links between climate change and cardiovascular disease.

Professor Annette Peters  director of the Institute of Epidemiology, Helmhotz Zentrum, Germany

Dr. Mark Miller Senior Research Fellow within the University/BHF Centre for Cardiovascular Science at the University of Edinburgh.

πŸ”— Links:
πŸ“œ Professor Peters recent review in Nature Reviews Cardiology

πŸ“œ Study on high temperatures and MI in Germany

πŸ“œ A great British Heart Foundation air pollution resource for patients

πŸ“œ Review on cardiovascular effects of air pollution by Dr. Miller

πŸ“œ A recent NEJM article β€œPollution & the Heart”

#45 ClimateZone 4 // Dr Robin Stott: Adventures of an Activist, COP26 and Climate Justice

Trying to keep up with Climate Change facts,  but really, you want to know what you can do as a healthcare professional more than suggesting your patients should watch Cowspiracy on Netflix?

This is an interview with Climate legend Robin Stott. We cover:
  • Amazing climate activist stories including his arrest with extinction rebellion - documented in this
    Lancet article: Doctors and civil disobedience.
  • The successes and failures of COP26
  • Climate Justice - what it is and how to solve it
  • What you can do as a healthcare professional

The UK health Alliance's Editorial, published simultaneously in >200 journals including the Lancet

More on Contractions and Convergence for CO2 emissions

Wealth of resources on UK Health Alliance website including education, advice, how to talk to patients about climate etc

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Featuring host Dr Barnaby Hirons with guest Dr Robin Stott