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 Pregnancy & Covid-19:
~How does pregnancy affect the clinical presentation  of COVID-19~Are there any risks to the baby?
~What are the key investigations for a pregnant woman with suspected covid-19? How do they differ from non-pregnant patients?
~What are the management considerations including thromboprophylaxis, oxygen therapies, and delivery of the baby?
**Pregnancy and covid-19 resources**

RCOG guidelines: Coronavirus, pregnancy and women’s health.
Royal College of Physicians toolkit; Managing acute medical problems in pregnancy
JournalSpotting wants to pay tribute to our NHS colleagues....

We know that at journal spotting sometimes we err on the lighter side of medicine...but we wanted to take this opportunity to express our condolences for the lives of NHS workers lost to coronavirus.
It seems particularly pertinent to highlight Mary Agyapong, a 28-year-old nurse at Luton Hospital who passed away on the 12th of April. She was pregnant and her baby was delivered by C-section and is reportedly doing well.
Our thoughts are with her family and she has a gofundme page to support Mary, her newborn baby girl.

We are going to end this week's episode with the wonderful Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Choir who have sung a special rendition of their number one hit ‘A Bridge Over You’ paying tribute to those who have given their lives to save others.