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7th February 2021

#27 JournalChat COVID Trials & Immunomodulation

with Dr James Galloway

He helps guide us through the mysteries of immunomodulation in COVID in understandable terms. What do the trials show us? Why? And, what is on the COVID horizon?

We cover:
The Recovery Trial and why we use steroids for COVID REMAP CAP and the conflicting data around tocilizumabTACTIC trial

2nd February 2021

#26 COVIDZONE: COVID-19 Literature updates

Have you been trying to keep up with the COVID literature, but too shattered after work these days to read anything except the local take out menu?

TOCILIZUMAB: Why it's been approved and when you might be using it.
ICU DELIRIUM: Why you should put the benzos away and get the iPad out.
ASYMPTOMATIC TRANSMISSION:What percentage of your family actually had COVID at Christmas?
VENOUS THROMBOEMBOLISMWondering why everyone is messing around with the prophylaxis dose?
OXYGEN: is it safe in the early 90's?
PRONING: what's the point and do patients actually do it?
ACE INHIBITORS: can we finally declare them safe in COVID?

Presented & written by: Barney & Jon Edited by: Jon
Infographics: Abi & Isobel

27th October, 2020

#21 COVIDZONE: COVID-19 Literature updates

Trying to keep up with COVID literature but there are more important things to consider, like, is your pumpkin carved as Trump even orange enough?

We cover: Big treatment trials: SOLIDARITY trial, RECOVERY trial, REACT working groupACTT-1 Convalescent Plasma
4C Score
Case Fatality Rate
Face Masks in the population
At-risk patient groups: ILD, Asthama, Immunosuppression
Ventilation masterclass
Beards and FFP-3

Presented & written by: Barney & Jon Edited by: Jon
Infographics: Abi & Isobel

28th July, 2020

#16 JournalChat: Ethnicity & COVID

With Professor Ewen Harrison

Do you keep hearing numerous statistics about the mortality risk in COVID but want to know what the most robust data shows? 

We interview the inspiring Professor Ewen Harrison; HPB surgeon, Lead for the Centre for Medical Infomatics at Edinburgh University, and Lead author of the impressive and essential study:

“Ethnicity and outcomes from COVID-19: the ISARIC (International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium)  CCP-UK (Clinical characterisation Protocol)  prospective observational cohort study of hospitalised patients”

Presented by Barney
Graphics by Kosta

6th July, 2020

#14 JournalChat: Bloody COVID-19

with Dr. Professor Bevery Hunt

We’re joined by the brilliant Professor Beverley Hunt to help us wade through the literature, learn from her experience and figure out how we should be treating our COVID-19 patients relating to their bloody sticky blood.