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#63 ClimateZone11// Microplastics and health with Prof Barbro Melgert

Aware that microplastics are bad for the environment but want to better understand their effects on human health?

Your ears are in the right place.

We chat with the brilliant Professor Barbro Melgert from the University of Groningen, Netherlands.
Don't know her? She is an expert performing cutting-edge research on the effects of microplastics on humans and shares with us her fascinating, if not daunting, findings.

We cover:
What microplastics are.
How they form.
Where they are found (spoiler... EVERYWHERE).
Why what you wear matters.
Their effect on the environment.
What her research has shown and the consequences for human health.  
What you should do to reduce risk and plastic.

And... Ventilate ventilate ventiliate!

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With hosts Dr LJ Smith, Dr Jonathan Hudson & Dr Barnaby Hirons