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#61 ClimateZone10// How to save the oceans with Dr Richard Hixson

Worried that the ocean is dying, and your favourite dolphin may well become extinct?! Want to know what you can do to help?

Your ears are in the right place

Firstly LJ and Barney outline the good and bad of COP27.

Barney then interviews the inspiring Dr Richard Hixson, chair of Healthcare Ocean.

We cover:
Why the oceans are essential for the planet.
Why the oceans are at risk.
The biggest problem sources.
The role of healthcare.
The importance of NHS procurement, and what needs to change.
What YOU can do as a healthcare professional!

Interested in sunscreen which has been proven safe for the ocean reefs? Aethic is recommended by Richard (and as far as we know he has no investment in them).

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With hosts Dr LJ Smith & Dr Barnaby Hirons