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#55 Journal Round Up

Confused over which drink to offer your patients? Orange juice or Coffee? Is the sugar bad for them, or is caffeine worse? Which has more fibre? Don’t those septic people need vitamin C?

Your ears are in the right place.

Dr Camille and Barnaby Hirons cover the latest and greatest in the medical literature including:

4-hour ED targets - useless government orders or life savers?
Choosing wisely - the most low-value care which we need to scrap
Thunderstorm Asthma - it exists! And it may pose a real issue for patients
Yoga for Migraines - can it help?
Magic mushroom safety and the Latest on Psychedelic medications
Vit C in sepsis. Forget it.
Coffee reduces mortality, but what if you add sugar?
Pulse oximetry in patients of colour - still a problem:
first and second study

Pickle juice in leg cramps... surely not?!