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#52 Journal Round Up

Wondering if you should get that X-ray on your pregnant lady who is suffering from hip pain whilst doing Tai Chi, which is associated with inpatient hypertensive spikes that might (just might) be related to your bad singing?


Well, your ears are still in the right place.

Today you have Jon, Barney and Alvin delving into the latest and greatest of medical literature!

We cover:
  1. Steroid injections for OA - sure?
  2. Radiology in pregnancy - risky?
  3. Pregnancy HTN - treat?
  4. IP Hypertensive episodes - leave?
  5. Aspirin cessation and primary prevention - stop?
  6. Music  for mental and physical health - sing!
  7. Tai chi or Muscle strengthening - do!
  8. Nasal Swab or rectal exam for cardioversion?! Hmmmm.....