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#50 Journal Round Up// Sats & Skin Colour, Paracetamol Danger, Sugar vs Sweetener, Latest in Flozins, Banning Tanning, AF with RVR, Exercise or death, Beer Faces

Want to hear key medical literature facts to help become that awesome doctor, whilst also being able to tell if people like beer by their facial expressions?

Your ears are in the right place.

Dr LJ Smith, Dr Camille Hirons, Dr Jonathan Hudson and Dr Barnaby Hirons scour and digest the latest and greatest medical literature out there... and some other fun stuff too:

Why pulse oximeters miss deadly hypoxia in people of colour.

How paracetamol and sodium can kill.

Are sweeteners a safe alternative to sugar?

Empagliflozin in acute heart failure - EPULSE trial.

Should we be banning tanning salons?

Metoprolol vs Diltiazem in AF with RVR?

How much exercise to save lives?

Drug induced liver injury causes.

Facial expressions drinking beer!

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Featuring hosts Dr Barnaby Hirons, Dr. Jonathan Hudson , Dr. LJ Smith, & Dr. Camille Hirons