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#49 ClimateZone6//
Dr Alex Wilkinson:
Sustainable inhalers - what YOU can do

Want to do more to combat climate change but current events and your state of Weltshmerz is holding you back?  Do you need some positive practice-changing, actionable advice?
Your ears are in the right place!

LJ and Katia interview the brilliant Dr Alex Wilkinson.

We cover:
The huge carbon cost of inhalers.
The key stats and evidence.
Why change is needed and how to make it.
Barriers to change and how to overcome them.

With Barney & Jon we discuss our latest climate challenge- contacting MPs about a Climate Issue- hear how we got on and get advice on how to proceed.

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Alex's articles:

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With hosts Dr Katia Florman, Dr LJ Smith, Dr Jonathan Hudson & Dr Barnaby Hirons with amazing guest Dr Alex Wilkinson