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#46 Journal Round Up// with MDTea hosts!

Do you love your medical podcasts, but sometimes wish your favourite shows would just team up for the odd awesome episode??

Your ears are definitely in the right place.

Jon and Barney are joined by brilliant MDTea hosts Dr Iain Wilkinson and Dr Stephen Collins. Together they deliver a masterclass in many aspects of elderly care and we uncover the greatest medical literature in the world! (From the last few months).

1) Physical Activity in Hopital patients - They do too little but you can help.
2) Bisphosphonates meta-analysis - harm v benefit.
3) Mirtazapine in  patients with dementia - should we use?
4) Subsegmental PEs - who cares about them?
5) Lifelong anticoagulation - hard decisions need these facts.
6) Athletes at higher risk of AF - sorry!
7) POCUS - can it change outcomes?

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Featuring hosts Dr Barnaby Hirons, Dr. Jonathan Hudson with guests Dr Stephen Collins and Dr Iain Wilkinson