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#45 ClimateZone 4 // Dr Robin Stott: Adventures of an Activist, COP26 and Climate Justice

Trying to keep up with Climate Change facts,  but really, you want to know what you can do as a healthcare professional more than suggesting your patients should watch Cowspiracy on Netflix?

This is an interview with Climate legend Robin Stott. We cover:
  • Amazing climate activist stories including his arrest with extinction rebellion - documented in this
    Lancet article: Doctors and civil disobedience.
  • The successes and failures of COP26
  • Climate Justice - what it is and how to solve it
  • What you can do as a healthcare professional

The UK health Alliance's Editorial, published simultaneously in >200 journals including the Lancet

More on Contractions and Convergence for CO2 emissions

Wealth of resources on UK Health Alliance website including education, advice, how to talk to patients about climate etc

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Featuring host Dr Barnaby Hirons with guest Dr Robin Stott