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#43 Part 1. BTS Winter Meeting 11/2021. Airway disease.

Trying to get to medical conferences but no one knows the study leave code, no one will cover your shift, you don’t like online learning, and anyway, you actually thought BTS was an Asian boyband?

Your ears are in the right place.

With fantastic Professors, Consultants and Trainees, we unofficially cover the best bits from BTS Winter Meeting 2021.

In Part 1, hosted by Dr Barnaby Hirons  and Dr Katia Florman, we cover:

Crucial Cough updates with Prof McGarvey
Zero Tolerance for COPD exacerbations with Prof Hurst
High Flow Tx in COPD with Dr D'Cruz
Scaling heights in COPD with Dr Taylor
Eos and Feno severity in asthma with Dr Couillard
Inhaler recycling with Dr Robinson

BTS programme & abstracts link here

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