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#41 Journal Round Up// O2 in COVID, Statins in Elderly, ETOH for diabetes, AF screening, Smog Jogs, Metabolism, Fleeces... and MORE!

Trying to keep up with the medical literature but...

You’ve just watched Squid Games, you’re feeling a bit stressed, and you thought some light-hearted medical education was just the ticket?
Your ears are in the right place.
Tonight your ears are joined by Barney, Camille and Alvin as we wade through an amazing collection of medical literature to bring you the best, most interesting and practice-changing information out there...

In order:
Respiratory RS - what O2 to use in COVID?
AF - to screen or not?
Metabolism over life - is this why we get fat later in life?
Statins in elderly - to stop or not?
Exercise in polluted areas - do the risks outweigh benefits?
Cycling for diabetes - GET ON YOUR BIKES!
Alcohol preventing diabetes - no, really?
Sleep duration and delirium risk
Can watching TV cause DVTs?
Physician attire - what not to wear

ENJOY. And if you do enjoy, why not rate us on apple? And follow us on Twitter (please). And send wedding congratulations to Jon and Katia. I think that's it.

Featuring: Dr. Barnaby Hirons, Dr Alvin Shrestha and Dr Camille Hirons.