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#40 JournalChat: Clearing COVID Clots and D-dimer Decisions

with Professor Beverly Hunt

We catch up with Haematology Professor, Beverley Hunt OBE, to discuss our last Round Up's key articles. Including:

Do we REALLY believe the idea that we should give treatment dose anticoagulant to moderate Covid but a  prophylactic dose to patients in ICU?
Therapeutic Anticoagulation with Heparin in Critically Ill Patients with Covid-19 | NEJM

Should we be using D-dimers in pregnancy?
D-dimer to rule out venous thromboembolism during pregnancy: A systematic review and meta-analysis
The DiPEP study

And are age-adjusted D-dimers the way to go?
Multi-center implementation of automated age-adjusted D-dimer results reduces unnecessary PE imaging

Featuring: Dr. Barnaby Hirons.