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#38 Journal Round Up 

Summer Review ft. Dr. Dave Mcreary

Jon & Barney are joined by Dr. Dave McCreary all the way from Australia. Dave runs the RCEM podcast and joins JournalSpotting to bridge the chasm between A&E and medics and share some evidence-based pearls.

We cover:

👉 Why COVID is still *****
👉 How does the delta variant present and does my microchip work?
👉 Have we figured out how to anticoagulate in COVID-19?
👉 More evidence for age-adjusted D-dimers?
👉 Do you use D-Dimers in Pregnancy?
👉 Do we still need to create arbitrary bridging protocols for surgery?
👉 Is that double shot espresso really causing your patients AF?
👉 How effective is smoking cessation at improving lung cancer survival?
👉 Does smoking cessation improve mental health symptoms?
👉 Can an app save my back pain?
👉 Which central line is safest for chemo?
👉 Kiwis for constipation
👉 Is this podcast making me any smarter?