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#36 Journal Round Up 

May 2021

In this bumper episode, Jon and Barney are joined by the RCP podcast superstar Dr Amie Burbridge as we digest the key practice changing articles from the last month or so.

Listen to the end to change how you view ventilation, and bums, forever.

👉To LP or not when suspecting SAH with a normal CT?
👉Good news with new Malaria vaccine.
👉COVID Zone:
      Recovery - Tocilizumab and Convalescent Plasma.
      Methlypred vs Dexamethasone.
👉Risk of malignancy with CT abdomen.
👉Finally a shorter TB course?
👉Nursing ratios reducing mortality.
👉Haemoglobin levels vs position .
👉Sleep and risk of depression.
👉Anal oxygen delivery (yes, really).

✏️ Show notes & bibliography