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27th April 2021

#33 Cirrhosis + Albumin + ATTIRE trial 

JournalChat with Dr. Louise China

Dr. Louise China is a senior clinical fellow at the Royal Free Hospital, London and has spent many years investigating the role of albumin in patients with liver cirrhosis.

We chat to Louise about:
    👉 An overview of decompensated cirrhosis
    👉 When to use Albumin in patients with cirrhosis
    👉 The design of the ATTIRE trial
    👉 What can we learn from the ATTIRE trial
    👉 Top tips for managing patients with cirrhosis
    👉 Advice if you want to get invovled with research

A big thank you to Lousie for taking some time out of her busy job as a hepatologist (and her time dreaming of being back scuba diving

Featuring: Dr. Katia Florman & Dr. Jonathan Hudson