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#23 Journal Round Up November '20


Trying to keep up with the general medicine literature but, in an environmentally friendly frenzy, you’ve used up all your shiny BMJs as wrapping paper?

We cover:
Semaglutide - the saviour of NASH?
Bereavement and stroke - what is the link?
Combo pill may, or may not, save us all
Statins in the elderly. Maybe the elderly benefit more than we think, and those side effects aren't as significant as your patient thinks.
Which crystalloid in DKA? There can only be one winner.
What's the link between sarcopenia and orthostatic hypotension
Natural remedies which might actually work in UC
Inotropic drugs which could save lives in HFrEF
Why you should check Vit D in your asthmatics
Anticholinergic drugs and dementia risk (33:15)A Case Study of ST elevation in a young patient (36:16)