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Welcome back to the COVID-ZONE for another round-up of the latest COVID-19 literature.

In today's episode:

# S(o)wab's the big deal? The trouble with false-negative swabs (05:29)

#Proning in the A&E department: flipping around what we do in COVID respiratory failure (09:52)

#Treatment Update
- The Remdesevir saga continues: the Lancet trial, the NIH trial, and the controversy over ending it early. (13:39)
- Hydroxychloroquine not living up to the hype: JAMA & NEJM papers (20:35)
- Anakinra is promising in severe COVID-19 (24:17)

#Cardiac arrest & COVID-19 (26:55)

#Neurological manifestations of COVID-19 (34:03)
- An overview of presentations
- A case series of GBS
- Summary of all the published literature

#Man's best friend is called up to help fight the pandemic (38:38)

#Covert COVID distractions:
- The fantastic healthcare practitioners from 3 GP practices in the Brownlow Health Central, Liverpool with an amazing health promotion message!

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