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22nd April, 2020


COVID-19 Literature Updates

Journalspotting is here to bring you important clinical updates on coronavirus:

In today's episode:

#Transmision models: out with the old and in with the new
- Turbulent gas clouds
- Barney's Jigglypuff work shelf
- Presymptomatic transmission
- Jogging with COVID-19

#Treatment update: Remdesivir, convalescent plasma, RECOVERY trial
- Remdesevir: NEJM paper, orphan status, STAT news

#Cover your face(mask)
- BMJ analysis
- How good are cotton masks?

#Coagulopathy & COVID-19
- Cui et al + D-Dimer pooled analysis
- ISTH Interim guidance
- The dutch anticoagulate

Covid rants
- Donald Trump cuts WHO funding
- 5G conspiracy + app ideas

Covert Covid Distractions
- Explicit lyric warning!!