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Welcome to our first ever podcast!
We’re excited to bring you a fresh look at the last month's most relevant and interesting general medicine articles.
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In this month's episodes we cover:
...Sepsis treatment adjuncts: what works and (still) doesn’t work...
#Vitamin C still doesn’t work
Fujii, Tomoko et al. “Effect of Vitamin C, Hydrocortisone, and Thiamine vs Hydrocortisone Alone on Time Alive and Free of Vasopressor Support Among Patients With Septic Shock: The VITAMINS Randomized Clinical Trial.” JAMA 2020

#Ringers lactate finally settles the score with saline
Brown, Ryan M et al. “Balanced Crystalloids versus Saline in Sepsis. A Secondary Analysis of the SMART Clinical Trial.” AJRCCM 2019

...A few articles to up your AF game…
#Booze and Atrial Fibrillation don’t mix well.
Voskoboinik, Aleksandr et al. “Alcohol Abstinence in Drinkers with Atrial Fibrillation.” NEJM 2020

#Think twice about combining Aspirin & DOACs
Santulli, Gaetano. “In AF and stable CAD, rivaroxaban reduced cardiovascular events and mortality more than rivaroxaban plus an antiplatelet.” Annals of internal medicine 2020

...Why that 2 am pneumothorax might not be quite so scary...
#To drain or not drain in spontaneous pneumothorax treatment
Brown, Simon G A et al. “Conservative versus Interventional Treatment for Spontaneous Pneumothorax.” NEJM 2020

BTS pneumothorax guidelines:

...A few Quickfire JournalSpots...

Ascitic taps in cirrhosis:
BSG Ascites Guidance:

Gram-negative bacteraemia:
N95 masks vs. surgical masks for flu:

...And at the end of the shift...
#Why coffee could get you home safely after a night shift
Huffmyer, Julie L et al. “Impact of Caffeine Ingestion on the Driving Performance of Anesthesiology Residents After 6 Consecutive Overnight Work Shifts.” Anesthesia and analgesia 2020